Perfectly fitting bespoke garments

Suitable clothing, tailored to your vision, enhances your personal well-being.
As masters of our craft, we have made it our mission to help our customers discover their own style and to create a timeless,
high-quality wardrobe.

It is particularly important to us to continue and develop the art of tailoring with traditional processing techniques, high-quality materials and innovative approaches.

Visit us in our workshop and let yourself be carried away into a world full of craftsmanship, perfection and passion.



For a perfect custom-made product, the personal relationship with you is very important to us.
At our first meeting we study your ideas and wishes. Together we can make a suitable choice of fabric and find the best cut in the course of the conversation.

The consultation is largely responsible for how comfortable you feel later.
Here we steer your taste in the first direction and identify your vision. We take our time and advise you with our perfectionist passion.


The first step has now been taken, you've made an excellent choice of fabric and can't wait to try on your bespoke garment for the first time.

But before this can happen, it's necessary to determine your exact body measurements.
In total, we determine more than 30 different measurements around your body and can thus take all special features into account.
Taking measurements is a fundamental step in adding value to your creation.
Thanks to our trained eye and many years of experience, we can guarantee that your garment will fit perfectly.

First Fitting

The time has finally come: for the first time you can see the fabric you have selected transformed into the shape of your garment.
After hours of manual work, the rough line of your bespoke product is already clearly visible.
Of course, this is still in its raw state, which gives us the advantage of being able to make any number of changes to the fit and work out a perfect silhouette.

We will involve you personally in every single step of the creation process and create a very special experience together with you.

Second Fitting

In the second fitting you will encounter an even more elaborate product.
We are now going into more detail and making sure that the adjustments from the first fitting were implemented perfectly. Of course, the focus is on your well-being and your idea of ​​fit and style.
Once the second fitting is complete, we dedicate ourselves to the completion and the incorporation of technical details.

Due to the high demands on our craft and on ourselves, it may be necessary to arrange a third fitting. This is the only way we can meet your and our requirements.


After a long wait, your bespoke garment is now ready to be worn.
A very special moment for you, but also for us.
During a final fitting, we assess the end result together. After this appointment, the item of clothing will remain with you.
We are also happy to offer you the opportunity to enjoy this special moment directly at your home or in your office.

You don't have so much time?

You don't have time to wait 8-12 weeks for a suit, but don't want to compromise on quality? Then try our made-to-measure service.
We guarantee delivery within three weeks!

What's the difference between
Made-to-Measure and Bespoke?

For a fully-bespoke suit, we determine your exact body measurements and personally create a pattern with great attention to detail.
This pattern is perfectly tailored to your body characteristics and proportions, and on the basis of this we manufacture one step by step, lovingly and traditionally by hand durable and perfectly fitting suit for you.

With our alternative Made-to-Measure service, we will observe your posture with only one fitting with our test models and, if necessary, take deviations from the standard size into account. You have the opportunity to personalize every detail and have access to a great selection of fabrics.

The production itself takes place at one of our partner production facilities in Portugal and offers you a perfect alternative to a fully bespoke suit.
In our workshop we make the final adjustments and complete your suit with
hand-made buttonholes.

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